Female Career Days 2023

My individual career perspectives!

 Our Female Career Days 2023 took place at Roncalli Haus, under the motto “My individual career perspectives!”. More than 40 participants took this opportunity to meet and be inspired by successful female role models from the scientific community. In addition to the exciting talks and the round table discussions, we offered professional support in the form of CV checks and CV photo shoots. These offers gave the female researchers a motivating insight into their professional future and strengthened them for their later job applications.


At the second day, our young female scientists got the chance to join one of the parallel workshops on “Self-presentation – How to say no with confidence” or „Networking as a key to success“. The participants learned that knowing when and how to say no to colleagues, collaborators, supervisors, friends and family is absolutely essential to actively create the successful work life that you love. Moreover, in second the workshop the participants learned how to benefit from a network. You got to know how to systematically and strategically build and expand networks, how to maintain them, and how to navigate networks to meet their special needs.


At the third day, we focused on the individual career development of our participants by offering individual career coaching sessions in German and Englisch.


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