Prof. Dr. Daniela-Gabriele Grimm

How did you come to your current position?

I became the new professor for Microgravity and Translational Regenerative Medicine in June 2020. The department belongs to both the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The photo shows us at Kennedy Space Center before launch of Space XCRS- 3.

Prof. Dr. Grimm with team at Kennedy Space Center

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What was your biggest professional challenge and how did you solve it?

Good question and difficult to answer. I studied human medicine at the University of Würzburg. Then I worked in Regensburg, Berlin and Aarhus. I became a specialist for Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. A professional challenge was my habilitation and the moving to Denmark. I learned a new language and made new fantastic experiences. In March 2020 Denmark and Germany had a lockdown and the border was closed. I lived in Denmark. All employees had to work at home. We had contact via Zoom. This was my biggest professional challenge.


Who supports you in your career and how?

My family and friends supported me a lot. My supervisors and the universities where I worked during my career had a key role in supporting me with knowledge and money for my research. Moreover, I had a large number of nice colleagues who collaborated with me and gave me the opportunity to learn new techniques in cell and molecular biology or pharmacology. I always had the chance to learn new skills. I was lucky to meet many nice international people/researchers who work with me together until today.


Who or what inspires you most?

As a child I was a fan of Star Trek. This is what started my love for space research, space medicine and space exploration.


Which memories do you associate with Magdeburg?

In 2011, my working group moved together with Professor Manfred Infanger to Magdeburg, while I still worked at Aarhus University. From that time until May 2020 I was visiting professor at the OVGU. A nice memory was the foundation ceremony of MARS (Magdeburger Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Forschung unter Raumfahrt- und Schwerelosigkeitsbedingungen).


Which importance does career networks have for your professional career?



Which advice would you give to young women, who are at the beginning of their professional career?

It is important to always be curious, having fun at work and interest in international workshops, meetings and congresses. Expand your skills. Please look for supervisors who have time for you and support you.

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