Is there a registration fee? 

No, the registration is free.


What do the "Register as" - Choices mean? 

Mentee: You are a young scientist and in the beginning of your career. You are interested in networking and/or searching for a mentor.

Mentor: You are a scientist and would like to network, exchance experiences with others and/or guide a young researcher.

Speaker for conferences or networking events: You would like to present your experiences in in- and outside academia, and work-live-balance.

Role Model: You are a successful female scientist and would like to inspire and motivate young scientists to find their way and building up their own career.

Member of Alumnae-Network: You don't know exactly in which role you would fit, but are interested in networking and would like to join the FSN.


How much time do I have to invest in the network as registered member?

The participation doesn't cost much time. All offers from us are voluntarily. If we have any news (requests, upcoming networking events, new job offers, etc...) we will inform you via email. However, in case of a personal invitation, you decide how to answer our requests. But also the other way around, if you have a request, please contact us.


Do I have to pay anything as invited guest speaker?

If you get an invitation as guest speaker from us, we will pay your travel and accommodation costs.


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